Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Big Day Arrives

I know... two years since the last blog post. Not good, but we've been soooo busy with lots of life's happenings.

New babies (two since my last post)! That makes seven grandchildren altogether now: Eli, Isaac, Hayden, Adelle, Micah, Easton, and Sienna Julieanne. I had to mention Sienna's middle name because its my name too & I love that!

Sienna Julieanne Davis

But all summer long Chuck and I have been preparing for the big day: Dustin & Yelena's wedding. We have worked extremely hard against giant obstacles, and in the end the event turned out very beautiful. In spite of record heat, relentless skunks digging up the lawn and my plants being eaten alive by who knows what, we got the yard ready in time.

In spite of the fact that I felt like having a nervous breakdown, I love to tell this story because it is such a lovely example of how God works. Practically zero rain all summer long, and it downpours the day of the wedding -- all over the table linens, the chairs, ties and paper lanterns. After debating what to do alone in my room, I felt very strongly that we needed to gather everyone into the house and ask God to intervene. I gathered the grand-kids into the parlor and we knelt down to ask Heavenly Father to part the clouds. He did just that and we cleaned up what damage the rain had done and went on with our plans. Luckily the lanterns still worked and never ripped open.

I'm so happy that Dustin & Yelena have found each other and that we were able to enjoy a beautiful wedding with them. We love our new daughter-in-law and we are so happy our son has found someone to love and share his life with.

Tables put back together after the rain

Grandaddy signing the guest book

Barbara, Dustin, Inge, and Deedee

This is a table full of Ukrainian goodies. The other table had Ukrainian dinner dishes (Yelena is from the Ukraine)

Waiting for the bride

Here comes the bride!

The happy couple and their parents

The sun shines down on this happy union

We fought so hard to make the yard look THIS nice!

Drinking jars

The bride and her sister, the maid-of-honor

A happy groom :)

A happy bride :)

A moment of solitude

Guests enjoying a wonderful Ukrainian meal

Chuck used his leaf blower to dry these

A gluten free wedding cake!

Dustin and the best man, Dean

It was a magical evening

One last note: Lawn paint really works!!

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