Sunday, November 4, 2012


Finally, Chuck and I got to go on a vacation. Five years ago we went to the Redwoods and we were awestruck. We recently returned and we were just as amazed as before. It's humbling to see how beautiful and majestic the Redwood trees are. Shame on Oregon for allowing our Redwoods to be hewed down.

The Lady Bird Johnson Grove

Faerie Land

A gentle rain in the forest

We stayed at a wonderful B&B in Trinidad called "Turtle Rock Inn". It was very cute and very comfortable. Every nook and cranny was decorated with treasures from the beach. They treated us so well. The food was fantastic! The owners even made some special  gluten free goodies just for me. DH and I loved it so much we want to go back. It was raining when we arrived, but soon the weather changed and we were able to enjoy the sun for the rest of the trip.

The big rock is Turtle Rock. 
It is a resting place for sea lions.  
All day long and all night long 
we heard them barking.
 It was really cool.

Chuck and I witnessed the most beautiful sunset right from our deck. It became more and more spectacular as time went on. Just when we thought it couldn't be any more amazing, we were proven wrong, again. The brilliance was overwhelming! Pictures don't do it justice

Five years ago we went to "Wild Spring Guest Habitat in Port Orford OR. We returned  during the last couple days of our trip and even stayed in the same cabin we enjoyed before. It's a very lovely place surrounded by trees. It rained the night we arrived, but the following day the weather change for the better and we enjoyed sunshine again.

While we were exploring the lagoon we were delighted to see deer wandering around the neighborhood. An entire family, what a treat! How can anyone deer hunt?!!

Port Orford has a beautiful coastline with some lovely beaches.

We visited one more spectacular beach in Port Orford before we left.

Chuck was showing me this washed up octopus when I got surprised by a sneaker wave.

Reluctantly we headed for home, but not before stopping at a quilt show in a little town called Cave Junction Or. Here are some of my favorites.

DH and I stopped to get something to eat on the way home. He has been a bishop for over five years. In our church, that is usually as long as one serves in that calling. It is a very demanding and time consuming commitment. Just before we entered the restaurant DH got the call that he was being released. Here is the picture of him after he got the news. He has been a GREAT bishop!


  1. Love the vacation photos. Love the log cabin star quilt.

    Your BFF

  2. Gorgeous photos. It all looks so fun and pretty. It makes me want to go there. I'm so glad you guys had such a nice time.

  3. You wrote this the first week of Nov. so I'm behind! So your sweetie has been released! I'm sure he's adjusted by now to a new calling! :)
    Love the photos!! :)
    Great post! :)