Saturday, July 7, 2012


Wow, I have a blog! I am finally making a post on it too! This has been a long time coming because the last several years have been crazy with this, that, and the other thing. I never count on life slowing down anymore. Instead I am trying to learn to work around the "stuff"  and manage my time a little better. Hopefully someday MUCH better. I know I still have some learning to do because just today I noticed that every room in the house seemed to be in disarray. I asked my DH if he noticed it too and of course he did. But bless his heart for not saying anything before I brought it up. The thing is, if you expect to add anything more to your life other then the norm, you are going to pay a price. I am trying to launch a pattern business, in spite of the odds against it ever taking off in this saturated world. I find myself sitting at the computer, until three, four in the morning!!  Where did the time go?
 Chuck, and I are also trying to restore a vintage trailer. The fun little project it was suppose to be has basically taken over. I think it will be cute when it's done, but for now, the work! Today we decided we should check a camping spot to see if it would be a place we would like to stay for a night or two. We are not campers so this will be an adventure for us. There was an unfortunate accident on the way so we ended up taking a very curvy road to Wheeler Oregon. There I visited a nice little quilt shop that is next door to a pastry shop. That makes it nice for the husbands who are waiting on their wives who would love to spend way too much time and way too much money. I tried to restrain myself, (a little). But I did end up with these lovely goodies. Wouldn't they be cute doll clothes?

 I couldn't resist these pretty fabrics. I already have a cut of one of them, but when you find something you LOVE, it's best to have even a small stash don't you think?

The last thing I brought home was this! Hopefully we will find a place to camp this summer. I was informed today that the parks are usually booked very quickly. Sometimes even a year in advance for the summer. If we can't get a spot for the summer, then we are hoping for the early fall. Maybe the tiny trailer will be actually be ready. (More about that to come).

By the way, I went downstairs for a moment and DH Chuck had cleaned the kitchen, watered the back yard, (extra hot today), put clothes in the dryer, and was in the trailer painting when I found him. I am sooooo in love.

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  1. How very fortunate and blessed we are to have snagged Really Good Guys for eternal companions!! :)
    Such a great first blog post!! :) It looks like you've been blogging for years on your very first try! :)
    Love your fabric finds! :)