Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blossoms and berries.

The joys of summer have finally arrived. Every fall we think our yard is too big to care for. But when it looks like it does now, it makes me feel like I never want to leave. The hydrangea's have been blossoming. Every one of them is a different color.

My neighbor and friend Marty is a floral designer. When she uses hydrangeas in her arrangements it's magic. I couldn't resist taking pictures because they're so pretty. Even though I am not an experienced photographer the camera still captured how beautiful the colors are.

I always look forward to the goose-necks. 
Every year they spread out of control, but they're so fun. 

When the black-eyed-susan's start blooming I know summer is in full force. I just love the garden when it is back in bloom!

While I was taking pictures, Gracie came to visit with me for awhile. I'm surprised she wanted to be with me. I've been scolding her for chasing after the dragonflies and hummingbirds. (I rescued a giant dragonfly last week). She's still very much a kitten and won't be a year old until October.

Gracie always wants to be out doors and only comes in when she gets hungry enough. She even weathered 4th of July outside. She stayed out all night. I kept trying to get her to come in because I thought she would be terrified. The noise sounded like a war zone. But Gracie acted like it was nothing at all. Maybe my drum practice has helped her adjust to noises. 
Our other feline is Sammy.


We picked him up from the animal shelter. Sammy was SO sick when we first brought him home. But he's healthy now and oh so handsome! Because of Sammy, my tutorial pictures usually have kitty fur on the projects. I really try to de-fuzz, but Sammy loves to be in the work room with me. He's pretty fluffy. Yes, we adore our kitties!

I've also been busy in the kitchen. Every other year I make freezer jam. I've managed to get both the strawberry and the raspberry jam made. Fitting it in the freezer has been a challenge. We've been consuming as much food from the freezer as we can to make room. This is just the raspberry. Three double batches!

Hopefully the jam will last this time. I end up giving it away to the point of running out before the next berry season.

Speaking of berries, I made a fun "thank you" gift for a dear family friend. A cozy for a berry box filled with strawberries. She liked it!

  Oh how I wish the summer blossoms, and the berry season lasted all throughout the year.


  1. I love those cats. Your flowers always look so wonderful.

  2. Oh Julie, I'm drooling over this post!!! How I love your flowers and fruit!! :) The strawberry cozy is amazingly warm and wonderful!! I'd never think of doing such a wonderfully creative thing!! :) You never cease to amaze me!! :)

  3. P.S., I love your kitties, too! :) I can see it's been awhile since I've been in your home, as you didn't have either of them my last visit! :)
    We need to correct that! :) You need to visit and see our kitties too! :)